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Development of our new website

Dear visitor you are seeing this page as we are in the process of developing our new website which we hope to have online in June 2020

In the meantime, if you need to contact us to discuss our training courses, sales of books or to make use of our free services that we are offering until the end of June 2020 as our way of supporting practitioners and managers during the Corona Virus (see section below for more details), then please contact us

By email on

By phone on 07788286698

The AIM Project – Corona virus Pandemic Response

The Corona virus presents challenges to how we understand and manage risk and keep children and young people safe from sexual harm in the current environment. We here at The AIM Project have been working to adapt our normal services to support front line workers with children and young people. We are offering:

Free consultation session – Monday 27th April to Tuesday 30th June only

We are offering a one-off free consultation session to support practitioners in thinking about how best to work with parents, children and young people during this crisis.

NB: We do not take referrals for assessments and we are not currently offering a long-term case consultation service.

To access a free consultation session please contact us on

Free resources – Mid May to 30th June only

We will be offering an electronic version of the AIM Checklists as a free resource up to the end of June, to help put sexual behaviours in perspective and to identify those which need short interventions and those which require further assessment. The checklists have been recently updated and reflect concerns around use of technology.

There are four checklists

1. Adolescents

2. Children under 12 years old

3. Adolescents with learning disabilities

4. Children under 12 years old with learning disabilities

When available these can be accessed through

Training and online training

We have rescheduled most of our training from spring to the autumn, so if you haven’t rescheduled your dates yet or you are wishing to book new training, please contact us as soon as possible to get the dates you want. For all our face to face training we will need to hold these in line with social distancing requirements and we are currently working on the logistics of this with our Commissioners.

We are also currently working hard to develop online training, guidance and resources and we hope to have some of those available when our new website goes live in June 2020

Use of AIM2 and old AIM Under 12s during this period

We had hoped that most people would be trained in AIM3 by the summer of 2020, but the Corona Virus has created a significant delay in this, so we are advising that if you are not trained in the new AIM3 and AIM Under 12s models , that you can keep using the previous frameworks with caution until you can receive your training. We would recommend that when you write your report, you make it clear that you have used the older version of the model in this instance, as you have not been able to access the new training and framework due to the Corona Virus. We are booking in training at the moment so to get the dates you want, please contact us as soon as you can at